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Bayntel Data & Solutions

Strategy, Logo, Identity & Guidelines - 2019-2020

Bayntel is a data analytics company whose goal is to enable companies to express their potential through data analysis with strategic decisions. Their goal is to provide to companies a in-depth knowledge of their audience according to a predictive model.



my role

  • Strategy
  • Logo
  • Identity
  • Guidelines


Bayntel approached me to create their identity from logo to a brand guidelines, brochure and a set of stationary. By reflecting values of reliability, safety and precision, the main goal was to design an identity inspired by simple geometric shapes to translate complex concepts and make them understandable.


  • The Brand Identity, 2019
  • Mindsparkle Magazine, 2019
  • We and the color, 2019
  • Branding Collective, 2019
  • World Brand Design, 2019
  • Favourite Design, 2020
  • Logo & Design Inspiration, 2019

To express the concepts of data acquisition, exploration and data analysis processes, the important thing was to simplify as much as possible. The visual language that is created is based on simple, effective, and easy-to-understand geometric forms to evoke the subject in a broad way and improve understanding.