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Hair Break

Brand identity, Logotype & Strategy - 2020

Hair Break is a New Caledonia-based hairdresser salon that offers a high quality and authentic service, with a mainly feminine audience.



my role

  • Brand identity
  • Logotype
  • Strategy


First, Hair Break did not have a real brand identity but a strong atmosphere and personality: a salon with black and white walls and wooden furniture. With a clientele mainly made up of regulars, it was necessary to design a brand image reflecting that spirit, while expressing the strong convictions of Hair Break: elegance, modernity and sensitivity. Second, Jeremie aims to offer and use the most natural products possible for his customers. This is why he has developed with an herbalist his own range of 100% natural products, Organic Hair, without any chemicals. The goal was to create a real identity link between the salon and the product line.


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The logo is composed of a symbol and a wordmark. The symbol is inspired by the shape of a blooming flower, with rounded and irregular vegetal shapes, and implicitly evokes Jeremie Caviglioli's initials. The wordmark is a balance between refinement and organic shapes with a customised A letter, inspired by the vegetal curves of art nouveau. Both symbol and wordmark are based on a pronounced hairlines.

The Hair Break salon has high black and white walls with mirrors and frames on all sides. The warmth is provided by the wood and various light sources. The identity offers a strong contrast due to the typographical choices, text composition, and the choice of black and white colours only. For the photographs, we played with shadows and lights generated by an assemblages of mirrors combined with glass.

I remembered Jeremie, the hairdresser, talking to me about hairstyling, going through his process with each client, and explaining movement, light and textures. So I went with a play of shadows and lights to emphasise the movement of the hair, which would come in handy on a few specific supports.

Organic Hair, Hair Break's 100% organic and handcrafted hair range, is mainly composed of plants and essential oils. Illustrations of the ingredients are present on Organic Hair's supports to support the organic and artisanal side, while maintaining the sober and elegant identity of Hair Break. The lines are hand-made and deliberately irregular. The illustrations bring authenticity, transparency and make clear that all the ingredients are plant-based.