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The Safari of Wastes

Art direction, Interface design, Information architecture & Photoshoot - 2019-2020

The Safari of Wastes is a website concept that highlights the sustainability of our waste over time.



my role

  • Art direction
  • Interface design
  • Information architecture
  • Photoshoot


The main purpose is to immerse the user into a polluted universe, which is mainly reflected in the choice of colours and floating waste particles. The desired effects is to interfere with navigation and reading through the omnipresence of particles. This project is a teamwork with Peter Demulsant who will develop the website, and Manuel de Lignières who designed the logotype and the main font, Salmantica. It’s still in development and bound to evolve, but in the meantime you can discover the process below and the landing page.

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Through the idea of safari, the aim is to convey the notion that our waste travels, moves and persists over time. Based on the assumption that our waste goes through decades, I decided to treat our waste on the same level as the artifacts unearthed by archaeologists. Using a lexicon drawn from art exhibitions, the waste is placed at the level of an archaeological object, underlining its resistance to time.